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SCADAPack 47x vs 57X

Remote Operations Forum

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Lieutenant Lieutenant

SCADAPack 47x vs 57X

Hi Community


I am looking for a comparison on SCADAPack 47x and 57x, and reason of why one would be used over the other.


Also how would one go about providing a solution for a client that wants about 1024 digital inputs, 128 digital outputs and 128 analog values.


Thank you!

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Captain Captain

Re: SCADAPack 47x vs 57X

Hi @Tyrone19 


The attached SCADAPack Selection Guide will show you the functional differences between the 47x and 57x RTUs side-by-side and also give you I/O expansion module options.



Martin Chartrand

Lieutenant Lieutenant

Re: SCADAPack 47x vs 57X

Great thanks will look into it

Commander Commander

Re: SCADAPack 47x vs 57X

Hi Tyrone,


One important item to consider with SCADAPack RTU's - the maximum number of SCADAPack expansion modules for a single RTU is 16. The RTU may include one of those built-in, as in the 474 or 575 models. This will limit the number of expansion I/O points that a system may monitor/control. For example, 16 of our 5405 32-point DI modules would provide 512 digital inputs. That's only about half of what your customer requires, and doesn't consider the digital outputs or analogs.


For a project requiring such a large quantity of I/O,  you may instead look at Schneider's Modicon STB Remote I/O solution. A STB "island" is highly expandable, as it can consist of as many as seven segments, each of which may include as many as 32 I/O modules. A SCADAPack may be easily configured to poll the STB island using the Modbus Scanner functionality.


Below is a list of videos I created recently, posted to the Schneider Electric YouTube channel. These explain how to interface STB with SCADAPacks. Also attached is an informal tech note created recently on the same topic. 


Introduction to Advantys STB Remote I/O       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrQAmhx1row

Advantys STB Remote I/O - Example Project  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5uAUnH7baI

Advantys STB Remote I/O – Configuration      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa5nFBI-yIU

Advantys STB as SCADAPack Remote I/O      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8d5BEGhW8GY

Advantys STB Monitoring and Control             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW_pVHTEA5o


Joel Weder
Remote Operations Specialist
Schneider Electric

Re: SCADAPack 47x vs 57X

At the point that you're considering 1024 digital inputs, 128 digital outputs, and 128 analogs (I assume inputs) then an RTU may not be the right platform for your requirements.


You'd need to take into account more than just whether the device can handle such a number of IO points, but also how you will support this.  That would include things such as what network modes it will support (i.e. redundant ring remote IO), and how easy it will be to replace failed IO modules (i.e. is there a fixed rack allowing hot replacement of a failed module with minimal impact on other IO points).


I'd suggest you look into other platforms, such as the M340 / M580 PACs (in the Schneider family).

If you require particular protocol support, such as DNP3, IEC6850, IEC60870 etc etc then you could look into whether these PACs/PLCs have modules available which support such protocols.


As with all system engineering, there are trade-offs in all decisions, but just because you know of the 57x/47x rPACs doesn't make them the right tool for all applications.

Lead Control Systems Engineer for Alliance Automation (VIC).
All opinions are my own and do not represent the opinions or policies of my employer, or of my cat..