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[Imported] ER45e Back-to-Back (Repeater Mode) Ethernet Trunk Config

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[Imported] ER45e Back-to-Back (Repeater Mode) Ethernet Trunk Config

>>Message imported from previous forum - Category:Trio Data Radios<<
User: joelw, originally posted: 2018-10-17 22:13:12 Id:114
This is a re-posting from the obsoleted (October 2018) "Schneider Electric Telemetry & SCADA" forum.


I have two ER45e radios at a Remote Repeater station and each radio has its own set of licensed frequencies. One side of the Repeater is communicating successfully with the Access point's ER45e (via an EB45e at a Base Repeater station). However, I am unable to successfully configure the Ethernet trunk between the two LAN ports of the ER45e's. Here's what I've done so far which I am sure is correct:
- I have configured Static IP Addresses.
- I have configured the Access Point side's radio as "Repeater 1" and the Remote side's radio as "Repeater 2".
- In the "Virtual Port A" tab I have selected "Trunk Streams" and then selected "TCP" and "Client/Server" (on both radios).
1. Should I be setting the same SID in all radios along the route to the final Remote radio, or should the SIDs be unique? (The manual is not clear on this.)
2. Repeat/Translate Config: do I simply select "Repeat Range" (and enter the relevant SID/s) ?
3. Should I abandon the idea of using an Ethernet Trunk and use a Serial Trunk instead? (Documentation on serial trunk seems to be more comprehensive.)
4. Do I need to go back to the Base Repeater Station and configure the EB45e as "Control"? (If so,how?)
Thanks in advance for any tips and advice you can give me._**


Hey neilj,

I'm not much of a Trio guru, but since it's been a while without a reply I'll provide one.

1. SIDs should be the same for the same 'stream' through the whole route. Think of an SID just like a VLAN. It should match at the start and the end of the link... and unless there's a good reason it should match along the link also.
2. Yes, this should be all that's required for repeat config. In the EB45 (non-ethernet) you would lose Port B capability in doing so... I'm not sure about the EB45e.
3. Perhaps you already have... but I'd keep with the Ethernet trunk if you can.. it'll be the way things eventually move anyway.
4. I wouldn't expect so.


As always with the Forum, it's not the best place to ask time-sensitive support questions. It's more designed as a place for sharing information long term. Our Tech Support team can answer such questions. You can contact them at:

1-888-226-6876 or by email at

One other thing to consider is interference. Sounds like you have a pair of radios tied into a back-to-back repeater. That means radio 1 will be trying to receive a weak signal while radio 2 is transmitting a strong signal, a sure recipe for disaster if you don't plan well. If you were using Simplex (single freq for Tx and Rx) on each system you could try to get 5 MHz or so between the two, then tie them to a common antenna with a band-pass duplexer. (mechanical filter) But if each radio system has its own PAIR of frequencies you'll need to do more. (Mix of antenna separation and filters, likely) Best to contact Tech Support if this might be an issue.

As noted by Bevan, you should not need the Virtual serial ports if your traffic is ethernet. Just tie the LAN port of the first radio to the LAN port of the second radio. Also, as it sounds like you're creating a back-to-back repeater with two radios, you don't want to configure Repeat Range or Translate at all.

If I've missed your point, then it's best to contact Tech Support for more timely assitance. Make sure you send them a drawing of your setup and the config files for all radios.