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New SAGE RTU Firmware C3414-500-S02K5_P6 Available

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This forum is created for the exchange of information and open dialogue regarding electrical power monitoring and energy automation products and services. Participants will have access to downloadable material as well as chat opportunities with subject matter experts.

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New SAGE RTU Firmware C3414-500-S02K5_P6 Available

Link to SAGE RTU Firmware


K5_P6 Update – 5-Nov-2021:
NOTE: For use with “LX-800” CPU (C3414) ONLY. Will not work with 5X86 (C3413) or 486 and disk on chip configuration (C3412).
Operating System
Must update OPERATING SYSTEM to use this update!

NOTE: Due to California 2020 cyber-security regulations, users must immediately change the user access account from the default using the Sage User Manager tool. The user account file named “Schneider_Electric_1_USERS.tar.gz” located in the “FW_Update/Secure/updateGen” directory, only has up/download permission to enforce this policy, is delivered on new RTUs and installed when using the Initial Installer to convert a G3_P6 or earlier revision. The user account file named “Schneider_Electric_2.tar.gz”, located in the same path, has the old default “Admin” credentials. Use this user account file at your own risk.

 Command Log: Fix issue with large number of old command log files causing CPU performance to degrade on startup as command log filenames get cataloged and listed into download menu. Very disk intensive process caused slowdown in GUI performance and configuration downloads. New limit imposed on number of command log files 744 files - 31 days of command log files created once per hour (24 * 31) - is enforced at startup.


NOTE: Download any unsaved Command Log files prior to this update. Automatic enforcement of new limitation on number of files may cause unsaved Command Log files to be deleted at startup.

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