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energy meter PM710

Metering & Power Quality

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energy meter PM710

Why is the customer asking for the standard certificate and are there requirements or instructions from the factory regarding this matter? Is there a time to calibrate from time to time?

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Picard Picard

Re: energy meter PM710

Hello @Naif-28 ,


To start, the PM700 series of meters are obsolete. There is limited information available. Why customer might ask for information is less important than what information is available. It could be some internal audit or just that someone is curious.


It may be possible to verify a PM700 meter accuracy (no official process) however there is no way to calibrate the meter.


Likely the most you will be able to find for the PM700 is the following PDF:




L4 Prime for Advanced metering and Utilities
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Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander

Re: energy meter PM710

The reason is that many clients which use meters for revenue billing require a calibration certificate in case any billing dispute arises.

Where customer billing and revenue are concerned then it is best to request a/the calibration certificate as a condition of purchase. Larger customers normally use their own check meters to compare with the utility meters and where reading discrepancies arise the first port of call is the meter accuracy and calibration certificate.

I might be wrong but the higher-end ION meters do an A/D calibration based on an internal check reference voltage at startup..