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Struggles on Harmony iPC with Linux Yocto

Industrial Edge Computing Forum

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Struggles on Harmony iPC with Linux Yocto



I'm working in an Edge Computing application, where Modbus TCP data from field instruments are centralized in the Harmony iPC (HMIBSCEA53D1L0T).

The Linux Distro embedded on the iPC is Yocto version Krogoth 2.1, which appears to be very outdated. The Linux version of iPC was chosen for its price against other competitors.


It uses BusyBox from 2015, a package with the main applets such as tar and ifconfig, and it blocks several update scripts because its applets is outdated and can't run newer commands. For example, the tar applet doesn't support --strip-components command used by a lot of installation scripts.


I couldn't find any updated image of this iPC, but I manage to update the BusyBox package and change the symbolic link of some applets to the newer version, then I was able to run nvm and npm package manager to update nodejs and node-red, but soon after a reboot It goes back to the outdated version of these apps.


Is there a repository with the latest image?

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Lieutenant Lieutenant

Re: Struggles on Harmony iPC with Linux Yocto

Hi Alex

did you find a solution to your problem?


If not you can ask the question in this forum

Industry Automation and Control Forum - | Exchange Schneider Electric (se.com)

where our Automation expert can help you.








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Re: Struggles on Harmony iPC with Linux Yocto



This is ad Advantec guide to install Linux Debian on Harmony iPC: http://ess-wiki.advantech.com.tw/view/IoTGateway/BSP/Linux/APQ8016/BSP_User_Guide_V1#Flash_Pre-built...

The guide contains this link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6qgkg4m4k91uo7j/AAA_PRO4TthMPZL1jk9hklyCa/2020-02-13?dl=0&subfolder_nav_t... to download a prebuild image.

Attention: this procedure is not supported by Schneider, you risk bricking your device.


For more information go to this post: https://community.exchange.se.com/t5/Machine-Automation-Forum/Yocto-BSP-for-Schneider-HMIBSC/m-p/383...

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