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SmartBuildings - Digital attack and Cybersecurity

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Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

SmartBuildings - Digital attack and Cybersecurity

What would happen, with the "Smart Buildings" in case of digital attack, or maybe a terrorist "kidnap" of the facilities? and also, the Privacy?   


What about a cyber attack or loss of power that impact digital output/inputs? 


More Smart Building(Public Building) are exposed to cyber. Do we have economic solution for cyber Safe Operation?

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Ensign Ensign

Re: SmartBuildings - Digital attack and Cybersecurity

Schneider Electric is dedicated to providing our customers with Cyber Secure products and solutions. 


We were a founding member of ISA Global Security Alliance to help advance Cybersecurity awareness.  Schneider Electric EcoStructure solutions build Cyber Security into their DNA (for both our building software and hardware). 


Schneider also offers services to building owners and managers to help them make buildings more secure. 

You will continue to see Schneider investing in even more solutions in this area. 


To learn more about Schneider Electric solutions please see https://www.se.com/ww/en/work/solutions/cybersecurity/building-cybersecurity.jsp .



SVP Strategy & Innovation, Energy Management & Secure Power

Schneider Electric