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What is needed to configure a smart-UPS to work with apcupsd

APC UPS Data Center & Enterprise Solutions Forum

Schneider Electric support forum for our Data Center and Business Power UPS, UPS Accessories, Software, Services, and associated commercial products designed to share knowledge, installation, and configuration.


What is needed to configure a smart-UPS to work with apcupsd

ubuntu 21.2


    Smart-USB SRT 10000


We have trouble to make apcupsd to communicate with our UPS, STR 10000 over Ethernet.

On a host machine we have Ubuntu 21.1, impish with latest apcupsd installed.

https is used to manage the UPS web-ui, the UPS web-ui is accessible from the host machine.


Any ideas why apcupsd is not able to get in touch with the UPS?


Do we have to add the host machine's ip address in the UPS web-ui somewhere?

Should "Required authentication cookie" be off?




"error" message from apctest

Setting up Port
apctest FATAL ERROR in apctest.c at line 319
Unable to open UPS device.




The configuration file for apcups look like this

DEVICE<long password>



UPS: Smart-UPS STR 10000, UPS is from late last year, firmware is 12.0


Configuration -> Security -> local users -> management

user: readonly

is enabled

type set to "readonly"

password is longer than 15 characters


Configuration -> network -> web access

http is off

https is on

Required authentication cookie is on


Configuration -> Security -> remote users -> authentication 

"Local Authentication only" is selected

No configured RADIUS server have been added


Configuration -> Security -> local users -> RADIUS

Two "servers exists" with IP address, it is not possible to add more


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Re: What is needed to configure a smart-UPS to work with apcupsd

apcupsd can be used,


Depending on how the UPS is configured, it is possible to apcupsd to listen in to the messages from the UPS if DEVICE parameter in the apcupsd configuration filed is comment away.


In this case apcupsd will accept any message with the right structure (but apcupsd will ignore the hash checksum calculation) and apcupsd can detect low battery.


But apcupsd have no way to detect a malacious package or if an attacker is sending false messages (like a DOS attack, battery time left = 0, the servers is shutting down)


If the hash calculation should be used, it is necessary with the DEVICE parameter in the apcupsd configuration file but then it must be matched with the designated user in the UPS.



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