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SmartConnect paid subscription required?

APC UPS Data Center & Enterprise Solutions Forum

Schneider Electric support forum for our Data Center and Business Power UPS, UPS Accessories, Software, Services, and associated commercial products designed to share knowledge, installation, and configuration.


SmartConnect paid subscription required?



I purchased an SMT750IC last year and use it with SmartConnect. I see that recently APC has announced that the advertised functionality will be degraded after the warranty ends, and that to obtain even core functionality like email notifications, self-test, and even remote firmware upgrades after that will require a paid annual subscription.

If this is actually true I think it is extremely poor business practice. When I purchased the unit there was no indication that a paid subscription would ever be required to continue to use the advertised functionality. Any reasonable purchaser would think the advertised functionality was a feature/capability of the unit... and so to deliberately remove it after purchase is pretty dubious and not something I expected of APC.


I sincerely hope that I am somehow wrong on this and will be happy to be corrected, as this functionality was precisely why I purchased this more expensive unit and not a different model.


Why Buy Remote UPS Monitoring?

EcoStruxure™ Ready Smart-UPS™ provides free remote UPS monitoring for all new devices. Devices with lead-acid batteries have 3 years free monitoring (SMT/SMC/SMX). Devices with lithium-ion batteries have 5 years free monitoring (SMTL/SCL/SRTL).

When your UPS Warranty expires, your device will have Basic Monitoring and limited access to the web portal. This means you will no longer receive email notifications for this device, and you can no longer perform UPS diagnostic tests or remotely upgrade your UPS firmware. To reactivate full access to the web portal, you can purchase a Standard subscription or an extended warranty. For additional web portal features, you can purchase an Advanced subscription.

NOTE: If you purchase an extended warranty or an Advanced subscription for your device, UPS monitoring is also included.



My SmartConnect dashboard tells me that an "advanced" plan (which I don't need) will cost me $55/year, but will not tell me how much a renewed "Standard" plan will cost after my current one expires, or even if that will be possible, and I don't see anywhere on the SE or APC website that even lists subscription costs.
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Re: SmartConnect paid subscription required?



You will be notified two to three months before the UPS warranty expires. At that time, you will be presented with the option of purchasing an advanced or standard SmartConnect plan or an extended warranty.

An extended warranty covers the standard SmartConnect plan and hardware.

The standard SmartConnect plan is priced at $20.00 per year.






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Re: SmartConnect paid subscription required?

@BillPThank you for your reply and apologies for my delayed response. I appreciate the information regarding Standard Plan pricing.

However I still feel it is very bad practice to deliberately remove stated functionality from a product when there was no indication that this would happen, and no mention at all that future paid subscriptions would be required to maintain functionality that was advertised at the time of purchase. Even today there is still no mention whatsoever of this fact on the product webpages or SmartConnect documents, and no indication of pricing anywhere on the website.


Such as....

or any of the documents such as this:

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