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Hetergeneous batteries in Symmetra PX

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Hetergeneous batteries in Symmetra PX

My PX 80 has 2-year-old 7.2 AH batteries, and some of them are starting to fail a little early.  They are all the same model number, but I've noticed that there is some variation in the markings indicating perhaps not all or them were made in the same location or on the same assembly line.  I'm actually not entirely sure what the minor markings mean.


I've examined the SYBTU1-PLP cartridges after they showed a fault condition, and found some of the batteries inside melted a little!  I carefully extricated the damaged batteries, and I've sourced two 8AH replacements from different manufacturers.  The cheaper ones are harder to get quickly, and the more expensive ones come from a supply house across the street, so I have some of each.


    Stamping   MaxVoltage RegulationDamage      
         ChargeStandby UseCycle UseBelow      
CodeManufacturerModel tabssideVoltAhHRCurr.LowHiInit. Curr.LowHiVoltageUPCMade InTabs   
AAApexAPX1270 AY11AJS2A180521127               
ABApexAPX1270 BY11AIY1A17112812720 13.713.9<2.114.614.8 6 83405 42858 9ChinaF2 (Large)Constant Voltage ChargeValve Regu. RechargableNonspillable
AHHApexAPX1270 HHY11AIWaA171128127          ChinaF2 (Large)   
AHFApexAPX1270 HHY11AIWbA171128127          ChinaF2 (Large)   
BBright Way GroupBW1280HX12-8(none)052621FH128?????13.613.81.22.414.514.910.58 48050 00170 3ChinaF2 (Large)Replace every 3.5 yearsSealed Lead-Acid BatteryNonspillable
IInterstate BatteriesSLA1079 (none)HVDUL128202.413.513.8??????14.415???6 56489 06612 1VietnamF2 (Large) Sealed Maintenance FreeNonspillable AGM



I'm wondering what consensus is on mixing different batteries in the same cartridge, 'cartridge pair' A&B or C&D, and shelf.


So far I intend to avoid:

  • using different models (which includes amp hours) or ages of batteries in the same cartridge
  • using different modeled or aged cartridges on the same 'cartridge pair'


And I intend to keep:

  • the same 'blend' of modeled and aged cartridges in the left side (A&B) as is in the right side (C&D) of the battery frame.


Assuming I keep my cartridges clearly marked and labeled, Should I worry about keeping both pairs on the same SHELF identical? 

Or does that not matter itself as long as the blend on all the left shelves is equal to the blend on all the right shelves.


In other words, I'm pretty sure it would be bad for all of the left side to be type a batteries and all of the right side to be type b.  But if half of the cartridge pairs are a and half are b, does it matter on what shelf number I put them on as long as the left side has the same ratio of  a to b as the right side has?


Also, assuming I keep the 'blends' the same on the left and on the right, should I worry about introducing 8AH batteries into a PX that has only known 7.2's?


As you can see in the data table I put together above, the voltage regulation varies a little between each of these batteries.

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Lieutenant JG Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

Re: Hetergeneous batteries in Symmetra PX



Please refer to the following knowledge base article on the subject of users replacing the individual batteries inside the module:



Regarding the pairing of batteries based on "type" this article should help you:
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