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APC UPS SRT6000 Battery Issue

APC UPS Data Center & Enterprise Solutions Forum

Schneider Electric support forum for our Data Center and Business Power UPS, UPS Accessories, Software, Services, and associated commercial products designed to share knowledge, installation, and configuration.


APC UPS SRT6000 Battery Issue

Hi there,


I have the above UPS and have recently encountered a problem - a few months ago the battery side stopped working and would not operate. The batteries were old so I have just replaced them with new ones. However when I switch the unit on it does not recognise the new batteries and says the "output is off". I heard that the unit records new batteries being installed when it is done. I have hard reset the unit and unplugged and replugged the batteries to no avail. Can anyone pitch in so I dont have to lug this beast to the service dept!!



When I switch it on now it gives me an 0800 Power system error code and asks me to contact customer service - any idea what this means?




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Lt. Commander Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander

Re: APC UPS SRT6000 Battery Issue

Hi @Lawton111 


Thank you for reaching out to the SE Community, my name is Jon and I will assist you with this query.  I am sorry to hear about the issue that you are having with your SRT6000 unit.


Let's start troubleshooting the UPS by confirming if the error is Power Sys Error - 00800 or 0800 or if could it be Battery Sys Error 0800.  I wasn't able to find the Power Sys Error 0800 on the list of faults for this UPS so we'd focus on the remaining two.


For the Power Sys Error - 00800using the LCD display kindly navigate to the Event Log and gather the 3-digit fault code of the UPS.  If the UPS has this fault, we need to find out the condition of the UPS when this alarm was reported.  Did it come up as soon as you plug the UPS or the moment that you turn the UPS on?  What if the UPS was unplugged while the fault is shown, would the fault go away?


You can also clear the alarm and turn the UPS output on via the LCD to check if the alarm would go away, if this won't recover the UPS we can then perform the brain dead procedure.  The brain-dead procedure forces a "reboot" of the internal microprocessor, but it will not erase any stored settings.


The procedure for your UPS is as follows:

1) Turn off and unplug UPS from the wall
2) Disconnect Battery
3) You may hear an audible "click" from the UPS.
4) Reconnect the battery, plug the unit back in the wall, and turn UPS back on.


More information and video can be found in this article, How to perform a cold start and brain dead on Smart-UPS 


If it is the Battery Sys Error - 0800 that you are having, our first step is to ensure that the battery is connected including the external battery pack, and perform a UPS firmware upgrade.





Secure Power Team