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AP9617 Reset to defaults - LEDs don't flash

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Schneider Electric support forum for Data Center UPS, software and services including our APC offers designed to share knowledge, installation, configuration, and general product use.


AP9617 Reset to defaults - LEDs don't flash



I have an AP9617 in a APC RT1000.


It seems to be set to a static IP address of and I can reach this via the browser and get to the login page.


Unfortunately the credentials are not apc:apc


I also have a serial cable and can communicate with the UPS and get to the Username login prompt via a serial connection on 2400.


I tried to press the reset button with a paper clip on the card to reset it but the LEDs don't flash as the instructions state they should.


When I press the reset button, the serial console is not responsive anymore


What am I doing wrong?


I read all the other posts and nothing worked for me.


Any help is appreciated.



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Lieutenant JG Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

Re: AP9617 Reset to defaults - LEDs don't flash

Hi Brenton,


Pressing the reset button once will reboot the NMC - so the LED's will turn off, then eventually turn back on again after the card boots up. To do the password reset procedure fully, you would need to press the reset button a second time - waiting until the LED's turn back on again, then hit the reset again. This will temporarily reset the username/password to apc/apc, and you would then just change it via serial to whatever you want it to be (if you dont change it, it will eventually revert from apc/apc to whatever it was set to before): https://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/FA156075/


It makes sense that serial would become unresponsive after resetting the card (as it's rebooting), but I'm also assuming that you can eventually log back in over serial after the card fully boots back up. 

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