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Powering the Charge for High Power eMobility - Drive to Net Zero Podcast 5

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Powering the Charge for High Power eMobility - Drive to Net Zero Podcast 5


- Sam Clarke is the Chief Vehicle Officer at GRIDSERVE and is an entrepreneur, investor, EV evangelist, a Fellow (FloC) and sector chair for the National Institute of Couriers. 

- Graeme Cooper leads National Grid’s work on electric vehicles / decarbonisation of transport by leading and coordinating all the work relating to the UK regulated business of National Grid. 

- Andy Eastlake was appointed as ZEMO’s, Managing Director in April 2012, after serving both on the board and as chair of the Members Council for many years. 


Topics discussed in this episode:

Electrical Vehicle
• Which strategy would you use to phase out petrol and diesel cars?
• Given the aggressive targets for EV’s, should we be looking to mirror the ban on ICE with hybrid vehicles as well?
• Do we have enough capacity on the network?
• What do you believe the EV landscape will look like in 10 years’ time?
• As we leave the covid pandemic and move to a more digital culture, how will this impact EV adoption?
• Battery degradation, does this exist in EV’s, if so, at what levels are we seeing?
• What do you like about driving your EV? What do you miss about your ICE vehicle?
• What do we do with the battery once the EV is at end of life?


eBuses and eTrucks

• Why is the government pushing so hard to promote ebuses / zero emission buses?
• What are the barriers to adoption of ebuses currently?
• How is the gov supporting operators transition to ebuses?
• Is it all about zero emission from the tailpipe?
• How important is renewable electricity in ebus operation?
• How does ebus compare with hydrogen fuel cell buses? Is there room for both technologies?


Listen to Podcast


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If you've enjoyed this podcast why not listen to the rest of the series and let us know what you think in the comments section

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Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

Re: Powering the Charge for High Power eMobility - Drive to Net Zero Podcast 5

Hi Will,

It is a very interesting podcast. Lot of data and facts. e-Buses are really needed in cities. I am more sceptical on the e-trucks, specially the ones driving long distances, but all has the importance and can be a good business for installers moving to specialize in electric charging infrastructure.


Where I really see a boom is in the small vans for last mile derivery as, like e-buses, they will contribute to clean the air in the cities, specially the big and crowded ones in addition to contribute to CO2 emission.


I fully agree with the vision of leting market take care of the evolution, but governments need to help acceleration. They need to take few actions to support grid extension and getting smarter and do not be a break by creating the right laws and ecosystem including subsidies at the beginning for individuals and companies to allow integration with renewables, energy storage...