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SmartConnector FAQ or Fast startup with SmartConnector

SmartConnector Forum

Discussion of SmartConnector applications for integration of various other building management systems (BMS) into EcoStruxure Building Operation

Commander Commander

SmartConnector FAQ or Fast startup with SmartConnector

THIS POST IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT and subject to future changes


Can we create SmartConnector FAQ?  This is what i found out, please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm new. (some links, especialy in .pdf files are not up to date since SBO to EBO transformation). Please post your suggestion in comments bellow.







1) Do i need SmartConnector?. Fast decision making for integration. Why not modbus TCP, or Web Services. 


-I found that good reason to use SmartConnector for integration is if you don't want to interfere with existing BMS server. (u need only to create user with proper permissions). 

-You need some advanced functionalities for example reading trend logs?

- sample integration is: alexa (voice control) and other:



1.1) What is SmartConnector... History and brief system architecture

search for "System to System Integration - Smart Connector a Solution - external.pptx" or go this link:




2)How long it takes to develope SmartConnector?


Assuming one has finished developer training, a Smart Connector integration typically takes about 4-6 weeks (one must also account for getting all necessary resources, learning the API(s) that you are integrating with, etc.). A Hello World app should take around 15 minutes.




3) Licensing 

From my understanding of available documentation there is only license on SmartConnector. No license needed in Enterprise Server.


SmartConnector’s framework is licensed. Commercial and development licenses can be obtained at www.smartconnectorserver.com. (after registration process in my case)


Additionally, SmartConnector provides all the hooks necessary for developers to license any Extension component. These Licenses are managed by the developers themselves also using www.smartconnectorserver.com.


4) Instalation


This is server instalation:



search for "SmartConnector Installation and Configuration Guide.pdf"  or link:



Also need to install VisualStudio with additional packages to develop actual extension



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Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: SmartConnector FAQ or Fast startup with SmartConnector

Hello Piotr,


We have a couple good resources for Smart Connector learning and fast startup.


Here is a link to the Microsoft Teams Channel:



And here is a link to the Yammer page, where you can ask questions, get a link to our training course, and use the support chat bot:



The time frame with which it took you to do certain tasks (5 days for Hello World app, 2 days to install, etc.) is not representative of the typical time it takes for developers to perform them. However, what you found out about licensing is correct, same for installation.


Once you get to really learn Smart Connector, you'll be quickly developing robust integrations between the BMS and other servies, integrations that might not have been possible with modbus TCP. If you have any queries or difficulties during development, you can always make a post here.


Best Regards,


Commander Commander

Re: SmartConnector FAQ or Fast startup with SmartConnector

@Nick-Iebba thanks for feedback and resources. It's not very easy to dig through all documentation especialy for EBO engineer, i think this documentation was written by programmer for programmer. Very little references to EBO in documentation (very general). I'm trying to look at this from my perspective and provide client (sometime EBO integrator sometimes external IT company) with enough information. I will change my post according to your suggestion