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How does the EwsClient connect to EBO 3.2 if MD5 is not enabled

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Discussion of SmartConnector applications for integration of various other building management systems (BMS) into EcoStruxure Building Operation

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How does the EwsClient connect to EBO 3.2 if MD5 is not enabled

With EBO 3.2, the MD5 hash is disabled by default and when connecting using an EwsClient from SmartConnector Nuget package i get the following error: 


System.ServiceModel.Security.MessageSecurityException: 'The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Digest'. The authentication header received from the server was 'Digest realm="ews@SxWBM",qop="auth",algorithm="SHA-256",nonce="...


Should I be enabling MD5 in EBO (which works) or am i missing something when i create the EwsClient? Relevant snippets from my code below:


EwsServer EsSrv = new EwsServer()
UserName = "*******",
Password = "********",
EwsEndpoint = ""


using (var ewsClient = CreateConnection(EsSrv))
GetAlarmEventsResponse activeAlarms = ewsClient.GetAlarmEvents(1, 3, "", null);


public class EwsServer
public string UserName { get; set; }
public string Password { get; set; }
public string EwsEndpoint { get; set; }


static EwsClient CreateConnection(EwsServer EsSrv)
var ewsSecurity = new EwsSecurity
UserName = EsSrv.UserName,
Password = EsSrv.Password
return new EwsClient(ewsSecurity, EsSrv.EwsEndpoint, EwsVersion.Ews12);


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Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: How does the EwsClient connect to EBO 3.2 if MD5 is not enabled

Hi Steve,


The MD5 setting (disabled or not) should have any influence on if this works or not!


I have just tested it locally, and it seems to work in either case.


Generally the error below is because the credentials are incorrect.. or the EBO server is out of Sockets.


I will reach out to you to debug.


Best Regards,



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