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Control Expert - Improvements to Commenting

Modicon PAC Forum

A forum for topics related to the scope of Modicon PAC offers and ecosystem along the whole lifecycle: Modicon M580 and 340, EcoStruxure Control Expert, EcoStruxure Process Expert (Unity Pro) and more.


Control Expert - Improvements to Commenting

I would like to suggestion a number of improvements to the Commenting within the logic in Control Expert. (not the comment on a variable). (I have edited this too make it clearer which 'Comments' I am referring to)

I have added this to the Ideas forum - so feel free to give it a like.

Make Comments Searchable

It would be useful to be able to search for text within a comment. For example while developing a program you could add a comment starting with 'To Do' where ever there was code that needed further work, and then a search would list all the comments with that text. Selecting the comment from the search result would then jump to that area of code.

Add Ability to Categorize Comments

Allow a user to create categories of comments. Each category could then be colour coded, and could be displayed or not depending on the category. For example I could create a category called 'Process Control' this would then be used to describe the process, another category might be 'Revisions' and whenever a revision is made a comment could be applied.

Create Lists of Comments

Allow a user to display a list of all the comments in a section of code (or whole program), and then be able to jump to the area of code by selecting the comment. This would be extremely powerful if comments where categorized, for example you could list all the 'Revision' comments and have a summary of all the changes, or selecting a list of all the 'Process Control' comments would effectively provide an index into the operation of the plant


I believe this would be a great value add to the programming environment and I'm sure other members could come up with further ideas


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Ensign Ensign

Re: Control Expert - Improvements to Commenting

Comments Searchable


The comment field is already searchable. I use this feature all the time. In the variable editor select the "Two Gears"  and it will open up the Data Filter. In this dialog box you can select the fields to filter on. As an example selecting the comment field and in the condition column input 1*. This will only display the variables that have a 1 as the 1st character in the comment field.


Categorize Comments


I typically use the following as a prefix to the comment field to categorize the variables by their assigned Modbus Address. The first nine character are "MODBUS Address - " followed by the comment. You could use some variation of this to categorize you variables.



100001 -  This the actual comment






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Re: Control Expert - Improvements to Commenting

I think you misunderstood what I meant.

I was talking about the comments within the logic, not the comment field in a variable.


As far as I know there is no real way to search for logic comments, and it is these comments that usually have the most information about what a section of code is doing.



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