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XLI300 & XTU300 - EGX300

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Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

XLI300 & XTU300 - EGX300



Anyone know if the Communication Interface XLI300 and XTU300 can be connected in the EGX300? Using the XM300C + XL316 with the interface XLI300 is it possible to manager the system isolation by EGX300?




















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Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: XLI300 & XTU300 - EGX300

Yes, it is possible to connect it to EGX300.

Refer to page56 of userguide of XLI300, you need to connect TD(-) TD(+) to the terminal RX(-) and RX(+) of EGX.

Lt. Commander Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander

Re: XLI300 & XTU300 - EGX300

As Leo is describing, you can use the EGX300 as a gateway to send data from your Vigilohm System to a Supervisor.

>>If your question was: can we see Vigilohm System data in the webpages of the EGX300? The answer is yes... with a little bit of work.

Only the IM20 and IM20H natively have a webpage embedded in the EGX300 (see the list of devices supported by EGX300 here)

But you can use the EGX300 "Custom Device Type Generator" (see info here on this tool). You'll have to refer to XLI300 register list (available in its manual).

Then, you will be able to:

- see real-time data from Vigilohm System via a simplified basic readings page of EGX300

- record Vigilohm System data in the EGX300 memory: you will store historical data from Vigilohm in the EGX300, and then you can export this as .csv format.

Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Re: XLI300 & XTU300 - EGX300