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Littelfuse Connectors

LayoutFAST User Group Forum

The LayoutFAST User Group is a place where Specifiers, Contractors, and Panel Builders share their User experience with the tool and ask Schneider Electric experts questions to solve their issues.


Littelfuse Connectors

What's the female connector that's used to connect the Littelfuse p/n 0299060.ZXNV automotive fuse blade connector to a 10ga wire, as is used in the APC SmartUPS 1500 SUA1500RM2U battery tray?

Anybody got a part number?

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Lieutenant JG Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

Re: Littelfuse Connectors

Hi @Riti , thanks for your question and using the LayoutFAST forum!  We are working to answer your question and get you the specific part number and will post it here very soon.  Thanks again for using the forum!

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Crewman Crewman

Re: Littelfuse Connectors

Hello @Riti 


I would like to confirm that you are talking about an internal spare part included in the RBC24 battery tray? I am curious, are we trying to assemble a battery for this SUA unit? I would like to remind that some information for the batts and for the units internal spares may not be available to the public as these will be considered proprietary.


What we recommend is if you aim to replace the battery then please go with the valid APC part ID RBC24 and if you are trying to assemble the unit then please consider Trade UPS instead to the comparable model SMT1500RM2UC 


I am pretty sure this type of information will not be allowed to be released to the public by engineering. 

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