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Can I use LayoutFAST with european/metric products?

LayoutFAST User Group Forum

The LayoutFAST User Group is a place where Specifiers, Contractors, and Panel Builders share their User experience with the tool and ask Schneider Electric experts questions to solve their issues.


Can I use LayoutFAST with european/metric products?

I really like the features of LayoutFAST, and I would gladly use it in my company, but I am working with european/metric electrical systems. I cannot find Canalis, Prisma, NSX and other metric Schneider products in the LayoutFAST online catalog. Is LayoutFAST not able to handle metric products, or I am missing something? Thank you for your help!

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Lt. Commander Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander

Re: Can I use LayoutFAST with european/metric products?

Hello L-plan

I Discover this tool for north american offer, 

As I know , no this tool is not avalable for european market but it exist some selectors on the web site to choice your product


Compact NSX see on this page an eample


Edesign is maybe a tool who can help you ?





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Lieutenant JG Lieutenant JG
Lieutenant JG

Re: Can I use LayoutFAST with european/metric products?

Hi Gregoire,


Thank you for using LayoutFAST and for reaching out.  At the moment, unfortunately, LayoutFAST does not support European products using the metric system. 


May I ask for what objective you're using LayoutFAST?  The reason I ask is that we have other product selectors and resources at Schneider Electric that might be able to support your need.  For example, if you were looking for certain BIM content, we might steer you in the right direction on our global SE.com site.  Just let us know what you specifically need, and maybe we can help.


Thanks again, Gregoire.



LayoutFAST Team 

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