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setting frequency with nLP on ATV320 modbus tcp

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setting frequency with nLP on ATV320 modbus tcp

Hi, 2 part question here. I'm performing modbus tcp communication with the atv320. I've already sent the value 6,7,15 to the 8501 command register. First question, what command do i send after that to make it run forward? Second question, if the nLP fault or state is active, can I set the frequency register 8502 from a command from a PLC OR will that nLP state not allow the register to be set? Also when I send 6,7,15 and read 3201 register I get the binary value 0000_0010_0010_0001, not sure if that helps here but figured I would include that.

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Re: setting frequency with nLP on ATV320 modbus tcp



I assume from your comment on sending 6,7,15, you are using the drive in DriveCOM (CiA®402) Profile and not I/O Profile?


Once you "send 15" and the drive is ready (ETA = 16#xx33, RDY on display) you send 16#F in the command word to start and a 16#7 to stop.  Look at the CiA402 State Chart on page 81 of the programming manual


Regardless of the state of the drive, you can always write to the frequency reference register (8502).  This can be confirmed on the drive by going to the monitoring menu (MON) and parameter FrH.  It should change as you send different references. 

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