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Strength through Partnership: Spotlight on Panel Builders’ Future

Archives: Power Distribution

Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Strength through Partnership: Spotlight on Panel Builders’ Future

Spotlight on Panel Builder's future_Schneider Electric Exchange_744x400.jpg


The new electric world will affect panel builders

Panel builders can expect big changes in demand for their products as electrification grows globally and exerts its dominance over all other forms of energy. The demand for more cooling, for example, is expected to triple by 2050, and will hugely increase electricity demand – as much electricity as all of China and India use today. Or take the example of EVs, which are estimated to become 50% of new car sales by 2040. The big picture is that total growth of electricity is going to be massive, about 62% by 2050.

Offering equipment is not enough

But for panel builders, will a rising tide lift all boats? As the stakes grow, so does the competition. Not every player in the business will be successful. As end users increasingly demand greater efficiency and control over their energy, panel builders need to offer more than just equipment. Those who will thrive in the new electric world will also focus on developing their reputation as trusted advisors – coming with future-ready solutions that consider their customers’ capex and opex.

Every advantage that panel builders pursue today can make the difference for better business tomorrow.


Panel builders will win through partnership

We believe that strong partnerships provide 4 key ingredients for panel builders’ future success.

First, by partnering with industry leaders, panel builders can expand  their technical skillsets and their technology expertise. In our industry, which undergoes constant change, an education is never complete. Strong partners can deliver training aligned with local business knowledge and needs, allowing panel builders to uniquely master their suppliers’ equipment and specialized configuration tools.


Second, partnership serves a foundation for collaboration. By collaborating with industry partners, panel builders can address complex daily challenges with effective support from the design stage through the build stage. By embracing digital and leveraging new software, they can easily compare and find the right circuit breaker and LV components to build their complete switchgear. Software also enables fast configuration, and the quick creation and sharing of their bill of materials, and finally providing their customer with a rapid and optimized quotation.


Third, meaningful partnerships can increase a panel builder’s pull-through and extend their business into new activities, as well as limit their risks and industrial investments. This can be accomplished through greater agility made possible by the support of a partner trainings, or software, or by opening new doors and extending the existing business to new activities. One example is by extending into a complementary LV and MV business or by complementing through a new portfolio of services. That’s supported by technology and practices that allow the traceability of a panel builder’s installed base and the ability to follow up and contact end users with new offers. Or, by participating on a community platform that enables a large knowledge base with many connections, panel builders can amplify their market presence and secure business potential.


Finally, partnerships help panel builders differentiate from the competition, to become more international and access more complex and profitable business. Innovative new technologies, like SF6-free medium voltage switchgear, or more connected, active switchboard functionalities can help panel builders boost their reputation as innovators for the future, and answer the needs of their customers who increasingly prioritize sustainable solutions and lower operational interruption. Seizing new innovations can also help shorten design, delivery, and overall project completion times, especially when panel builders can provide fast and accurate answers for their customers, and the right prices.

The evidence is clear

It sounds nice. But let’s see an example of how this can look in the real world. Our partner in Greece, Kafkas, tells the story.


e-guide_Kafkas_Schneider Electric Exchange_744x150.jpg

Power Distribution IEC_Schneider Electric Exchange_744x150.jpg





Originally posted on SE Blog & Authored by Frederic Godemel & Nadège Petit


About the author:

Mr. Godemel’s career at Schneider Electric, which he joined in 1990, has developed mostly around the power business in both low & medium voltage, in operational functions in France and more recently in China. He holds a degree in engineering from Centale and an MBA from Essec. He was named to his current position in January 2019, having held earlier positions as Executive Vice President for Global Field Services being based in Dubai, UAE.


Nadège Petit joined Schneider Electric in 2004 as International Sales Project Manager. In 2007, she moved to the global Power Business to support development of its new management system. In 2008, she became EMEA Business Development VP. In 2011, She moved to Russia to complete a major acquisition before becoming Energy Business VP. Then in 2014, she was made Energy Business VP for France and in 2017, became SVP of Corporate Strategy. She was appointed to her current role in 2018, where she strives to ensure the business delivers market-changing innovation across all its offerings.

Maïlysse Guemidi
Channel Experience Digital Support
Power Products Division