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Sarix Thermography Firmware Update

Archives: Industrial Automation and Control

Schneider Alumni (Retired)
Schneider Alumni (Retired)

Sarix Thermography Firmware Update

Sarix Thermography Firmware Update

There is a new firmware update available for Sarix TI cameras that have the Thermography SMR. It includes several new thermography features and an improved web interface. Download the following updates today!

What's included:

This firmware update includes many exciting new features, updates and some bug fixes, including

  • New! Thermography support for Sarix TI PT cameras
  • New! TMDemo  - An internally developed software application that receives temperature alarms and queries temperature data from a Loki camera.  It displays temperature data trending and exports temperature trending data for post analysis.  The intention of this software is to show our customers how easy it is to integrate our camera to their existing system, just like how the milestone plug-in was developed.  We are also sharing the source code for this application so customers can copy and paste the functions into their own code to enable receiving temperature metadata information.  This software can be downloaded here.
  • New! ART (Apparent Reflected Temperature) Correction - This function helps to improve temperature accuracy when measuring low emissivity materials by subtracting the ambient reflected temperature.  Low emissivity materials are reflective and difficult to measure the source temperature. The radiation received by the camera includes both the source and reflected radiance.  In our user’s guide, we show how to collect ART and enter the value in the camera for our algorithm to compensate and improve temperature accuracy.  For details on how to use this feature, see page 41 of the new user’s guide (C1326M-B_Sarix_TM_Thermography_IP_Camera_Ops.pdf).
  • More Measuring Zones - The total number of measuring zones per preset has increased from 10 to 16 zones.
  • New! “Share Zone”- A zone can be shared from different temperature measurement behaviors.  This is to avoid having to define multiple zones in the same area just to have different temperature measurement behaviors.  It removes clutter and saves the total number of zones needed against the maximum limit.  For details, see page 37 and 38 of the new user’s guide (C1326M-B_Sarix_TM_Thermography_IP_Camera_Ops.pdf).
  • Improved web user interface - The web UI configurations from monition analytics which do not apply to thermography are removed.  Our Thermography web UI is now cleaner.  The zone configurations are separated from alarm setting configurations.  This gives users the option to configure and activate temperature monitoring zones without alarms.  It also shows the user that when a shared zone is used, only the zone configurations are shared but not alarms.  Changes made to any one of the shared zones also affects all shared zones.
  • Improved Milestone plug-in - It now supports temperature polling which allows the user to set polling frequency.  It also supports our new thermography PT camera.  The latest version of plug-in (ver. 2.7 R01) is required for our new release of camera firmware.  It can be downloaded by clicking here.