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Trying to choose an APC UPS - Have some questions

APC UPS for Home and Office Forum

Schneider Electric support forum for our APC offers including Home Office UPS, Surge Protectors, UTS, software and services and associated products designed to share knowledge, installation, and configuration.


Trying to choose an APC UPS - Have some questions

I have spent forever researching APC UPS's, and I have it narrowed down to 3 different models

  • SUA1500RM2U - Older 1500VA 2u Rackmount Smart UPS

  • SMT1500RM2U - Newer of the above

  • SMT1000RM2U - 1000VA of the above

For either of the 3, I will be using AP9630 or AP9631 network cards. I only have a 200w load, but I want a long runtime. In the future I may mod the UPS to attach some really large batteries, but for the time being I will use the stock ones

  • Question 1 - The transfer time for the older SUA1500RM2U is listed as 2ms, and then for the newer SMT1500RM2U its listed as 4ms/8ms max. Why does the newer UPS, have a slower transfer time?

  • Question 2 - The SMT1500RM2U and the SMT1000RM2U have the same physical dimensions, however the SMT1000RM2U has a smaller battery capacity. The images of the battery trays look the same though as far as I can tell (APCRBC132 and APCRBC133). Could I just upgrade the batteries in the SMT1000RM2U to have the same capacity of the SMT1500RM2U? I don't need anywhere near to 700w or 1000w of load capacity, so the size of the batteries is really all I care about. I will probably end up buying the UPS with no batteries anyway

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Lt. Commander Lt. Commander
Lt. Commander

Re: Trying to choose an APC UPS - Have some questions

Hi @farkhispe,


Thank you for reaching out to the SE Community, my name is Jon and I will assist you with this query.


Our Smart-UPS that uses the line interactive topology has an advertised transfer time of 2-4ms and through the years and changes in the design and internal components would have an effect on this.  Also, if you would like to increase/decrease the transfer time of the UPS, you'll have to adjust the sensitivity of the unit.


Please see the reference below that explains the statement above:

What are the different sensitivity settings of a Smart-UPS?


We also recommend for you only use the approved battery capacity of the UPS as the charger is designed for this reason.  Using a much more higher capacity might lead to premature failure of the charger.


Secure Power Team
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