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SSH bug in NMC2 running AOS/SUMX v7.0.4

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SSH bug in NMC2 running AOS/SUMX v7.0.4

Hi Schneider Electric Exchange Community,


On June 2nd, 2022, I discovered a bug in AOS / SUMX v7.0.4. ( released Jul 26 2021 ) running on AP9630 NMC2.


I'm posting here, as I don't know what's Schneider's formal way of submitting firmware bug reports.


When a 'Host Name' is set to a value that's 3 characters or less, when I try to SSH to the AP9630, my connection is immediately closed with this error message:


kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer
Connection reset by 192.168.blah.blah port 22


The 'Host Name' in question is the one in DNS Configuration, ie. in the web GUI:  Configuration / Network / DNS / Configuration.


Has anyone else seen this?   My work-around is to fake the 'Host Name' by adding the 4th character, so instead of 'Host Name' being 'blah', I made it 'blahh';  that immediately fixed the problem and SSH on the AP9630 started working again.




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Ensign Ensign

Re: SSH bug in NMC2 running AOS/SUMX v7.0.4



You can raise a support ticket to the SE team that supports your country to report the issue that you are facing.  Please use the link below and you might need to change it to your country as it is set to USA.


See Contact SE Technical Support 


The Technical Support might require you for a screenshot of the issue as well as the NMC TAR/Debug file so I have included the FAQ below to assist you on how and where to get it.


See FA156131 - How can I download Event, Data, Configuration, and Debug files from my Network Management... 


Secure Power Team
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